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GREEN CARD Filing for Indian Parents/Relatives:


GREEN CARD Filing for Indian Parents/Relatives:

If you are a US citizen and planning to bring over your parents or qualified relatives over on permanent basis then we are here to help you through the Green Card filing process.

We do not provide any legal assistance or practice any US immigration law. Our services are only
limited to assistance in application forms and submissions.


May you need any legal advise on this matter, please consult qualified immigration attorney.



Document Checklist- Copies:

  • Current Passport (front 2 and last 2 pages)

  • Current address proof in USA

  • Current Visa

  • Sponsor Passport copy

  • Sponsor Driver License

  • Sponsor relationship proof

  • Applicant’s marriage certificate


USCIS FEE including biometric fee: $1945

Service fee: $1200 Per Applicant


Over all processing time 10-15 months or more

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