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Overseas Citizen Of India
(New OCI Card)


It’s a LIFETIME INDIAN VISA which comes in form of a Blue Booklet you can carry along with the passport every time you travel to India. OCI card was first introduced in 2006 and has been the most reliable source of connection with India ever since.

Why get an OCI Card and not a Visa?

Answer is simple, why settle for less when you can get a lot more!

Remember, it’s not a dual citizenship card but nothing less.


With OCI Card you get lifetime hassle free travel to India and at par treatment

with NRI’s (Non-Residential Indians) while you are in India.

It let you stay in India as long as you wish.

There is no restriction on number of entries and exits.

You have a separate queue at Indian immigration check-points.

You can work, do business and study in India without any hassle.

Banking and other financial transactions gets easier/smoother.

Why go to India as a tourist when you have a choice to go as an Overseas

Indian Citizen!

Your OCI card is a piece of heritage from the country of your fore fathers.

Help yourself and your kids stay connected with the Mother Land.

    Documents Required for NEW OCI CARD: Copies Only

  • Foreign Passport (Copy of front bio and signature page)


  • Driver License or Utility bill (must be current residential and mailing address)


  • Indian Passport (Bio pages only)- Minors born in USA will need parent’s Indian passport copies

       Note: Mandatory document to prove the Indian origin. One may provide copy of birth certificate or       

                  domicile certificate issued by the competent authorities in India (Subject to Consular approval)

  • Naturalization or Citizenship Certificate (Only applicable for Naturalized citizens)


  •  Renunciation Certificate (Applicable for Naturalized Citizens only)

        Note 1: Cancellation Stamps on Indian Passports as proof of Renunciation are subject to approval by the 


        Note 2: Renunciation of Indian citizenship is mandatory within 3 years of acquiring foreign citizenship.

  • Birth Certificate (Only applicable for foreign born applicants)


  • Marriage Certificate (In case of minors, parent’s marriage certificate required)


  • Spouse Passport Copy (If married)


  • Parents Passport Copies (In Case of Minor)


  • Parents Visa or Green Card Copies (In Case of Minors)

  • Passport Size Photo (High Resolution image with white or light color background

  • Signature (On plain white paper, thumb impression in case of applicants below age 5)


Processing Duration: 5-6 Weeks

Note: Time duration is only an estimate and not a guarantee since the approval of the OCI rests with the sole discretion of the Consulate/Embassy.


Consular Fee (USA): $346 (Including return courier)

Service Fee:


Regular Service

Regular processing with physical copies of all documents (required in mail).

Charges $225 (Per Application)

Express VIP Service

Priority processing with no physical documents. We just need soft copies of all the documents in email.

Charges $325 (Per Application)

Note: Our expertise and level of professional input remain the same in both cases. It’s just that one is more relaxed and less work than the other. The choice is always yours. Call us to understand more about our service types.

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