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Naturalization Filing: Applying for US Citizenship

Image by Ferdinand Stöhr

Naturalization Filing: Applying for US Citizenship

If you have spent 5 years or more on your Green Card, its about time to make that big decision.
We are here to help you realize your dream and accomplish the long-awaited change in your identity
as a citizen of the world.


We do not provide any legal assistance or practice any US immigration law. Our services are only
limited to assistance in application forms and submissions.


May you need any legal advice on this matter, please consult qualified immigration attorney.



Documents Checklist- Copies:

  • Current Passport (front 2 and last 2 pages, Bio Pages)

  • Current address proof in USA

  • Green Card front and back

  • Spouse Passport

  • Marriage certificate


USCIS FEE including biometric fee: $725
Service fee: $1250


Over all processing time 10-12 months or more

Time duration is only an estimated time and not guaranteed.
Our fee is only for the service to complete the filing and submit as per the process.

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