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Bring your loved ones over for a vacation or a family time. Perhaps for a Business trip to explore ideas on expanding their or your own business in the US or India.


B1B2 Visas are among the most popular Visas for anyone interested coming to the United States for leisure or Business.


Remember, one cannot and must not engage in any kind of employment while traveling to the US on B1B2 visas.


Our team of experts in India help you plan your loved one’s trip to the US by applying and monitoring the US Visa process from any of the US Consulates/Embassy in India.

Note: We do not guarantee of approval of the Visa, our services are only to appropriately file for the


Document Checklist- Copies

(originals will be needed later once the online application is completed)

  • Current Passport copies and original (front 2 and last 2 pages)

  • Current Visa copy if any

  • Proof of address in India

  • Sponsor relationship proof (If trip is sponsored)

  • Sponsor Passport (If trip is sponsored)

  • Sponsor Driver License (If trip is sponsored)

  • Applicant’s marriage certificate

  • Spouse Passport copy

  • Bank statement last 6 months

Once the online submission is done, we will book appointment for the biometrics and interview at the Embassy. Applicant will need to carry all the original documents at that time.

Time Duration: 3-4 Weeks (Based on the jurisdiction and appointment schedule)

Total Fee (All Inclusive):  $475 Per Application

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